Bulk Water Pipeline Rehabilitation

Inyathi Mega Projects (Pty) Ltd provides a range of potable water pipeline rehabilitation and renewal contractor services. This encompasses the following;

  • Bulk mains cleaning
  • Pipeline slip lining
  • Installation & replacement of valves and ancillary items
  • Joint sealing
  • Pipe structural repairs
  • Coating & lining
  • Chambers rehabilitation
  • Installation of seals at pipe joints


Potable Water Pipeline Construction

The potable water pipeline construction service offering includes both bulk and reticulation pipelines. This service encompasses the following;

  • Large diameter pipeline construction (steel & concrete)
  • Reticulation pipeline construction for all pipe materials
  • Pipeline replacement programs (bulk & reticulation)
  • Installation & replacement of valves
  • Construction of chambers
  • Installation of Cathodic Protection (CP) systems


Wastewater Pipeline & Treatment Plant Construction & Rehabilitation

Inyathi Mega Projects (Pty) Ltd provides a vast range of wastewater construction and rehabilitation services. The service offering includes the following;

  • Outfall & reticulation sewer construction
  • Outfall & reticulation sewer replacement & repairs
  • Sewer lining
  • Maintenance of sewer infrastructure
  • Civil works construction for wastewater treatment plants
  • Rehabilitation & repairs of wastewater treatment plants civil structures


Housing & Infrastructure Development

Housing development and infrastructure service offering encompasses the following;

  • Construction of RDP housing and associated services
  • Commercial and industrial property development
  • Roads & Stormwater drainage construction
  • Community facilities construction, e.g. community halls, stadiums e.t.c.
  • Construction of electricity services ranging from LV, MV and HV powerlines, standby power systems, and public lighting.
  • Reservoir repairs


Concrete Works

Concrete works and repairs encompasses the following offering;

  • Base plinth foundation construction & rehabilitation
  • Transformer slab construction
  • Concrete repairs for structures such as reservoirs, bridges, clarifiers, e.t.c.
  • Sprayed concrete for sidewall support and construction
  • Reinforcement replacement


Turnkey Solutions

Inyathi Mega Projects (Pty) Ltd offers extensive knowledge in all construction sectors (Property Development, Construction Management, Quantity Surveying and Architecture) offering full turnkey solutions. Turnkey solutions are also offered for Mega Projects and Specialized Engineering Service projects. Turnkey solutions are offered for the following projects;

  • Water
  • Sanitation
  • Housing development
  • Energy and
  • Telecommunications


Mega Projects

Inyathi Mega Projects (Pty) Ltd develops and implements large scale, complex projects that take years to build. These projects require large capital investment commitment and have long-lasting impacts on the economy, environment and society, i.e. a STEPP approach - Society, Technology, Economy, Politics and Physical environment.

Examples of mega projects are tunnels, airports, sea ports/harbours, power plants, dams, oil & natural gas extraction projects as well as specialised research projects.

Specialized Engineering Services

Inyathi Mega Projects (Pty) Ltd provides specialized engineering services in the maintenance and fabrication of critical industrial assets namely boilers, heat exchangers, gasifiers and steam/gas turbines. The specialised engineering services encompasses EPC services (design, construction & maintenance) of power boilers, pressure vessels, power plant piping and welding.

The unit service offering also includes inspection planning using risk-based methods, developing maintenance procedures, quality control & quality assurance for welding as well as Quality Management Systems, Non-destructive Testing (NDT), planning & conducting Outages and commissioning maintenance activities.